Star Wars 9 Trailer Could Verify Snoke DIDN'T Flip Kylo Ren Concept


This text incorporates potential SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The primary trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker reveals the return of Emperor Palpatine, however it additionally confirms our suspicions in regards to the start of Kylo Ren–and precisely who seduced Ben Solo to the darkish aspect of the Drive.

Our idea is not as outlandish and even as speculative as others being made among the many Star Wars fandom, particularly contemplating the query of simply what type of the Emperor is laughing on the finish of the trailer. As a substitute, we’re specializing in the proof seemingly provided within the trailer itself. There was at all times one thing that did not add up in regards to the concept of Supreme Chief Snoke by some means enjoying a extra convincing mentor than Luke Skywalker.

Luke performed a task in chasing his nephew Ben into the arms of the First Order, with out query. However with Star Wars 9 revealing what nonetheless lives on Endor’s moon… Kylo Ren’s fall all of the sudden makes good sense.

The Motion pictures Declare Snoke Seduced Ben Solo

Kylo Ren and Snoke in Star Wars The Last Jedi

Any energy within the argument that “Ben Solo was seduced to the Darkish Facet by Supreme Chief Snoke” fully evaporated when Snoke made his first look. An excellent pupil is a mirrored image of a terrific mentor, so Kylo Ren’s standing when the viewers meets him–emotionally uncontrolled, overcome with rage, internally torn, and unable to grasp his Drive energy with any finesse, simply uncooked anger–is all of the proof wanted to say Snoke is a Horrible grasp. A gifted manipulator, and wields verbal, emotional, and bodily violence nearly as good as any tyrant. However in comparison with even the worst Sith Lords, the concept of him “persuading” Ben Solo to do something at all times felt… nicely, like a part of the story was lacking.

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The movies themselves provided a couple of clarification, each within the film and provided in expanded universe fiction (comics, novels, and TV reveals). The truth that Kylo Ren had Darth Vader’s helmet in his possession was a extra convincing notion on its own–suggesting that identical to within the comics, the Sith helmet was possessed by Darkish Facet vitality, which might maintain Kylo again from the sunshine higher than Snoke’s barked orders ever might. And with The Final Jedi revealing Luke’s betrayal, maybe Ben was merely operating for his life to the closest Drive delicate who would oppose him. Fortunately, the trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has ended the questions.

Star Wars 9 Reveals The Fact?

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Trailer - Death Star

The true significance of the second could also be misplaced within the general rush of recent Star Wars footage, however followers will need to take up it. We’re referring to the ultimate shot of the trailer revealing Rey, Finn, and Poe approaching the grassy cliffs overlooking a roiling sea. And marking that sea from the waves to the clouds is the unmistakable dish of the second Demise Star, destroyed within the orbit of Endor’s forest moon. Which suggests the ocean, just like the heroes, are all however actually positioned on the floor of that very moon.

Simply because the tomb of Emperor Palpatine comes into view–the ultimate resting place of no matter remained following his explosive loss of life at Darth Vader’s hands–the display screen cuts to black, with solely the Emperor’s disembodied laughter echoing. Within the course of, giving the ultimate clue we wanted to know what had REALLY induced the autumn of Ben Solo… and Kylo Ren’s true grasp, even when he does not notice it himself.

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