Star Trek Principle: Discovery's Future Probe Got here From [SPOILER]

We nonetheless have not found out who Star Trek: Discovery’s Pink Angel is, however we have now an attention-grabbing principle in regards to the malevolent race behind the full annihilation of the Federation: the Kelpiens. If we take their subplot from a number of weeks in the past as foreshadowing, it is straightforward to see how they clearly evolve to turn into the galaxy’s worst villains in just some quick centuries.

Earlier than the Kelpien rule of Kaminar fell to the Ba’ul, they had been, by all accounts, ruthless predators. By instituting compelled executions a.okay.a. “The Nice Steadiness” among the many Kelpiens, the Ba’ul ensured the race by no means grew out of their docile states into the fierce conquerors they as soon as had been. However when Saru escaped the planet and was allowed to age past his Vahar’ai, he realized the reality of what the Ba’ul had instituted and returned to Kaminar to liberate his folks with the assistance of Discovery. Pike protested that Starfleet interference would represent a violation of the Prime Directive and will doubtlessly trigger the extinction of the Ba’ul down the road, ought to the Kelpiens resort to their former methods. Burnham was profitable in convincing him that it might take generations for the Kelpiens to develop the know-how that might allow them to threaten the Ba’ul, and Saru assured Pike that the Kelpiens would use that point to point out the Ba’ul the Kelpiens supposed to share Kaminar peacefully.

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However what if that is not what occurred? Provided that the Kelpiens could be in possession of literal centuries of collective unconscious rage, and nobody caught round to observe the progress on the planet, what was there to cease the Kelpiens from evolving into their former aggressive state, after which taking that aggression off-world?

Whereas it might sound foolish to think about the erstwhile meek and benign race because the devious minds behind the big scale destruction the probe aliens are set to dole out, it is definitely inside the realm of risk that the Kelpiens flip into that form of species. Ideally, they might’ve discovered from their previous errors as a civilization, however centuries of compelled execution and manipulation by the hands of one other race would guarantee at the least just a few Kelpiens wouldn’t solely want vengeance, however really feel entitled to it as properly. And evolution is usually not a means of societies studying from their previous errors and by no means repeating them – fairly the alternative, in actual fact.

If we deal with the Kelpien storyline as foreshadowing as an alternative of subplot, Burnham’s insistence that it might take Saru’s race “generations” to catch as much as Ba’ul know-how unexpectedly turns into disturbingly prophetic. What if that is precisely what occurs? What if the Kelpiens steadily retain dominance of Kaminar and finally determine they do not wish to cease there? Additionally, it feels extremely unlikely that both the Pink Angel or the probe aliens will grow to be an individual or race we have but to come across. The thriller surrounding the identification of each entities has been too far built-up for its resolution to be a random, malevolent race we have by no means encountered earlier than. It additionally appears unlikely – at the least within the case of the aliens – that the answer can be a race just like the Borg or the Sphere Builders from one other collection.

Solely a race we have seen on Discovery will really feel as resonant because it must be to make for a satisfying conclusion to this arc. To be honest, that is removed from a affirmation that the Kelpiens evolve into genocidal maniacs, however it’s attention-grabbing to notice that they are definitely able to that.

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