Star Trek: Discovery Has A Bloody Star Trek VI Klingon Reference


Star Trek: Discovery season 2, episode 9, “Undertaking Daedalus”, comprises a bloody callback to Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Nation. Within the ultimate movie starring the unique Star Trek solid, Starfleet assassins sporting environmental fits and gravity boots boarded the Klingon flagship to assassinate Chancellor Gorkon. In “Undertaking Daedalus”, Michael Burnham leads an away crew to infiltrate Part 31’s ahead working base that intriguingly echoes that notorious second from Star Trek VI.

In Star Trek: Discovery season 2, Part 31 has been a thorn within the aspect of the usS. Discovery and the stress was exacerbated within the earlier episode, “If Reminiscence Serves”, when the Discovery and the black ops company raced to Talos IV to retrieve Burnham and Spock. The Discovery obtained to Burnham and Spock and warped away however was labeled a fugitive vessel now on the run from Part 31 and Starfleet Command. In “Undertaking Daedalus”, Admiral Katrina Cornwell got here aboard the Discovery to verify the shady dealings of Part 31; it seems the true enemy of the Federation is Management, the spy company’s synthetic intelligence menace evaluation program, which is looking for to evolve and wipe out all sentient life within the galaxy.

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The Discovery’s gambit was to take the struggle to Part 31’s headquarters, the place Commanders Michael Burnham, Nahan, and Airiam beamed aboard to take out Management. The bottom’s environmental controls had been deactivated and lacked synthetic gravity so the away crew wore EV fits and gravity boots. As they explored the bottom, the Starfleet Officers discovered floating corpses belonging to the Starfleet Admirals who had been in control of Part 31, together with Admiral Patar, a Vulcan logic extremist – all of them had been murdered by Management. The away crew additionally encountered swimming pools and globules of blood floating within the Zero-G surroundings.

All of this cleverly harkened again to the same scene in Star Trek VI – which is about in 2293, 36 years after the occasions of Star Trek: Discovery season 2 – when an murderer’s phaser nearly doomed the possibility of peace between the Klingons and the Federation.

How Star Trek: Discovery Homaged Star Trek VI

In Star Trek VI, there was a secret conspiracy by Starfleet, Klingon, and Romulan brokers to stop a détente between the Klingon Empire and the Federation. Two Starfleet assassins sporting EV fits and gravity boots beamed to Kronos One, the Klingon flagship, to kill Chancellor Gorkon. A cloaked Chicken of Prey hiding beneath the Starship Enterprise fired a photon torpedo that disabled Kronos One’s synthetic gravity; as soon as aboard, the killers attacked the helpless Klingons with phasers. With out gravity, the phaser blasts brought on the Klingons’ pink blood to burst out of their our bodies and free-float in swimming pools across the ship – which appeared identical to the corpses and blood Burnham and her crew encountered in Star Trek: Discovery’s homage.

In “Undertaking Daedalus”, not solely is there additionally a secret conspiracy, however the away crew’s gravity boots touchdown on Part 31’s base had been purposefully emphasised as an additional ode to Star Trek VI: Spock and his protégé Valeris had been making an attempt to save lots of Captain Kirk and Physician McCoy from being framed for the assassination and led a hunt all through the Enterprise for the 2 pairs of gravity boots the assassins wore, which might show the true assassins had been nonetheless aboard Kirk’s ship. Additional, Part 31’s ahead working base is a transformed former jail, which is one other nod to Star Trek VI, since Kirk and McCoy had been sentenced to life imprisonment on the Klingon jail planet Rura Penthe (identified all through the galaxy as “the aliens’ graveyard”).

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The Star Trek VI sequence that Star Trek: Discovery honored was particularly memorable because of it being an early use of CGI in a Star Trek film. Previous to Star Trek VI‘s launch in December 1991, probably the most famed use of computer-generated results was the liquid steel T-1000 in James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day from July of that very same yr. The T-1000 was, in actual fact, the following stage of CGI from Cameron’s water alien in 1990’s The Abyss. Star Trek VI utilized related CGI to create the Klingons’ pink blood globules floating across the inside of Kronos One. Although the results look primitive and cartoon-ish by Star Trek: Discovery’s trendy, characteristic film-quality requirements, this was a enjoyable callback to among the finest Star Trek motion pictures by the CBS All-Entry prequel.

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