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Sherry Tina Uwanawich, a Roma gypsy from South Florida, was sentenced to federal jail for defrauding a Texas lady out of $1.6 million, what she charged in money, jewellery, “costly crystals and candles” and different valuables to take away a curse from the lady and her household, court docket information present.

Starting in 2007 and lasting for years, Uwanawich satisfied the lady that she was speaking with greater beings and spirits, and warned the sufferer that if she instructed anybody, the curse would by no means be eliminated.

Uwanawich mentioned she is a witch on her Fb web page.

After greater than a 12 months in a federal court docket in Miami, the case lastly ended with Uwanawich discovered responsible, sentenced to serve 40 months in a federal lock-up and pay $1.6 million in restitution, starting with a “$100 lump sum fee.”

Right here’s what you want to know:

1. They Met in a Texas Mall. Uwanawich Instructed the Girl She Had a Curse on Her However That as a Psychic with ‘God-Given Powers,’ She Would Take away the Curse by Speaking With the Spirit World

In keeping with the federal indictment, after they met, Uwanawich instructed the sufferer, referred to as V.G. in court docket paperwork, that she was a fortune-teller “endowed with God-given powers and in a position to help shoppers affected by bodily, emotional and non secular difficulties,” information present. She instructed V.G. that whereas engaged in a m the place she talk with spirits or greater beings,” that V.G. was affected by a curse. Uwanawich claimed that the unique curse had been positioned on V.G.s mom, who had died, and after, it was handed on to V.G.

Over the course of “a number of conferences/classes and interstate phone conversations over a interval of years with the sufferer,” court docket information learn, Uwanawich instructed the lady that she’d realized from “spirit guides” that V.G.s whole household was below the curse and it was that curse that was inflicting V.G.’s turmoil and strife.” The sufferer was satisfied and went alongside when Uwanawich mentioned she may rid V.G.s and her household’s “bloodline of this curse and restore the sufferer ‘s life to concord and stability’.” And for that work to be finished, Uwanawich wanted “money” to purchase “numerous costly supplies similar to “particular candles and crystals.”

Then, it was the jewellery.

2. Uwanawich Instructed V.G. That Her Jewellery & Different Helpful Private Property Was Wanted to do Her ‘Work’ in Eradicating The Curse

Identified additionally as Jacklyn Miller, Uwanawich instructed V.G. that she wanted “jewellery and different private property to work with within the curse removing,” prosecutors mentioned. The jewels have been by no means returned.

The federal government in its case mentioned Uwanawich “did knowingly and with intent to defraud, devise a scheme and artifice to defraud and to acquire cash and property,” after which went additional when she demanded wire transfers of money by way of Western Union from V.G.s residence in Texas to Uwanawich’s South Florida location. She had V.G. put cash in an account and provide a debit card for Unanawich to make use of as wanted.

She warned V.G. that if she stopped giving the cash and property it will finish with Unanawich’s “work changing into undone” and hurt would befall V.G. and her household and any family members.

V.G. continued to pay. She sued cash saved for faculty, loans, and borrowed and when V.G. inherited cash, that too went to Uwanawich.

This went on for greater than 4 years.

Till, a wire fraud case was created in opposition to her for the Western Union wire transfers. In 2013, simply three transfers totaling $2,000 can be the premise for the case.

“For the aim of executing the scheme and artifice to defraud, and to acquire cash and property by the use of materially false and fraudulent pretenses, representations, and guarantees, and omissions of fabric truth, realizing that the pretenses, representations, and guarantees have been false and fraudulent when made, did knowingly transmit” Western Union cash wire transfers. A federal crime.

She was sentenced on Monday Sept. 9.

3. After Serving Her Time, She’ll be on Supervised Launch, Endure Psychological Well being & Substance Abuse Therapy & is Banned From Working as a Medium

In keeping with the court docket paperwork, after being launched from jail, she’ll be supervised, bear psychological well being and substance abuse therapy, is forbidden from making use of for credit score or loans, be topic to searched by a U.S. Probation Officer, and by no means seek the advice of or be employed as a physic.

And, nonetheless unlikely it could appear, should pay on a $1.6 million restitution, information present.

4. Unanawich Went on a Rant on Fb About Gypsies Getting a Unhealthy Identify & Insisting That Gypsy Crime Pales in Comparability to Mass Shootings, Saying she’s ‘Afraid’ of Individuals

A month to the day earlier than she was sentenced to serve practically 4 years in jail, Unanawich went on a rambling, stream-of-consciousness, little punctuation rant on Fb about prejudices in opposition to gypsies and gypsy crime, which she described as paling compared to violent crimes she says are dedicated by “Individuals.”

“Actually uninterested in folks saying gypsies are scum tramps and thieves. I imply like are gypsies the one folks on this planet who’re tramps or thieves what do you actually even find out about us? And who do you suppose you might be we’re all scum tramps and thieves we’re all unworthy of gods love and have finished one factor or one other flawed in our lives. Gypsies are human folks identical to you. And we keep to ourselves as a result of we’re afraid of u Individuals. I’m imply significantly out of all of the folks on this planet who has murdered or finished one thing despicable of their lives? Gypsies or non gypsies? What number of mass homicide gypsies do u know?”

She continued:

“However what number of gypsies have u heard plant a bomb? Now what number of 9 gypsies? What number of gypsies have u heard make a mass taking pictures at a faculty church movie show occasion? Now what number of 9 gypsies? I’ve heard rather more discussing issues that none gypsies have finished then gypsies. What number of gypsies u know ever began a warfare? What number of gypsies u know had slaves? Killed thousands and thousands of individuals of 1 race? Genocide? Not many huh? So subsequent time you wish to name us unbelievable scum gypsies tramps and thieves look within the mirror and have a look at the folks in your personal race first and take into consideration what they did first earlier than you decide my race. Have a pleasant day.”

5. Unanawich Says She’s From Georgia, Lives in South Florida & is a Witch. On Her Fb She Seems Lonely & Her Posts Are Each Random & Inexplicable

“I’m a witch duh 😒😇💰🙄”