Mom claims Catholic school teacher raped her son: suit


A seventh-grade boy with Asperger’s syndrome was raped by a teacher at a Catholic school in Greenwich Village, a lawsuit alleges — and the accuser’s mom fears her son is not the only victim.

The family of the now-19-year-old accuser has anonymously sued Our Lady of Pompeii School and third-grade teacher Arne Mattsson in Manhattan Supreme Court, saying the teen was sexually abused repeatedly starting Valentine’s Day 2013.

The then-13-year-old had joined an after-school program in October 2012 in which students were assigned as assistants to teachers two days a week, the suit says.

The boy was assigned to the married teacher — who “groomed’’ him for the next few months, the teen’s mom told The Post.

“He knew exactly who to pick,’’ the single mom alleged. “He knew [my son] was vulnerable and looking for a male role model. He knew exactly what to say to my son.

“They became like best friends.”

The mom, who, like her son, did not want to be identified, said “the first sex attempt” came Feb. 14, 2013.

The teen “remembers that day very clearly,” she said.

In an affidavit, her son said, “The teacher forced himself on me. At first, he made me touch his genitals with my hand and my mouth. Over the course of time, his actions escalated to rape. This continued until the end of the school year in May 2013.”

He says in the suit that Mattsson threatened to hurt his family if he told anyone.

The abuse came to light almost three years later during therapy, when the teen was hospitalized for weeks for suicidal thoughts, his mom and court papers say.

She said that after learning of her son’s abuse, she went to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, which opened an investigation.

The mom also said she learned an anonymous letter was sent to the Bleecker Street school by another student making similar claims against Mattsson. Prosecutors confirmed with a DNA test that the note wasn’t sent by her son, she said.

She said her son felt “vindicated” when he heard about the letter.

“He was like, ‘Mom, there is somebody else like this out there,’ ’’ the mother recalled.

Still, she said the DA’s office determined it needed more evidence.

Mattsson’s lawyer, Andrew Bernstein, said that prosecutors closed the case on his client and that the school allowed him to return to the classroom around September 2017.

“The allegation against Mr. Matt­sson is completely false, and he is absolutely innocent,” he said.

The DA’s office declined to comment, as did the school.

The teen’s mom said she hopes other accusers will step forward.

The family’s lawyer, Jeffrey Antin, said, “If this allegation against this teacher became known to other students, it might prompt other students to be less afraid to say if something happened to them, as well.”

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