Hugh Dane Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Hugh Dane


Hugh Dane, known for playing ‘Hank’ on ‘The Office’ passed away at age 75

Scroll down Hugh Dane’s IMDb page and it goes on and on. As a character actor, he’s done it all from his breakout role in a video game to TV stints, and supporting roles in big box office films Dane’s face and voice, well, you know him from around 20 other shows.

But it’s as ‘Hank,’ on ‘The Office’ that we are best acquainted. We’ve got the blues over this loss.

Dane passed away at age 75.
Here’s what you need to know:

1. Rainn Wilson Said Dane Was ‘One of the Greats’

Wilson, Dane’s co-star in The Office posted a tweet shortly after 5 p.m. Monday about the actor he worked with for almost a decade.

“RIP Hugh Dane, aka Hank the security guard. He was one of the greats. So kind, funny, talented. We will all miss him,” Wilson tweeted Monday evening.

2.Dane is Maybe Best Known For Playing ‘Hank’ on ‘The Office,’ But He’s Been Working in TV & Film Since 1990

Dane’s television work includes appearances and roles on ‘The Mayor,’ ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ ‘The Carmichael Show,’ ‘2015 Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp,’ ‘Girl Meets World,’ ‘Roc,’ ‘Sister, Sister,’ ‘Everybody Hates Chris,’ ‘Monk,’ ‘The Steve Harvey Show,’ ‘Martin,’ ‘Boy Meets World,’ and the ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’

And literally, according to his IMDb page, dozens and dozens more.

But he is most celebrated for playing Hank on ‘The Office.’ He was on the show from 2005 until 2013 and he was featured in nearly two dozen episodes.

3.Dane’s Roles in Box Office Hits Included ‘Bridesmaids,’ ‘Little Fockers’ & ‘Joy Ride’

Dane’s film work has included supporting roles in the movies ‘Bridesmaids,’ where he played ‘Annie’s Mistaken Fella,’ the ‘Doctor,’ in ‘Little Fockers, and has appeared in TV movies and mini-series plus appearances on shows including ‘The West Wing.’

His first role was in ‘It Came From The Desert,’ a video game from 1992.

Hugh Dane

IMIt Came From The Desert video game 1992

It’s described on IMDb as, “Young rebellious Buzz and his old ant-expert professor Doc have seven days to try to find a way to stop the invasion of hyper-intelligent mind-controlling mutated ants led by monstrous AntMind on their small desert town and save the world.”

It Came From The Desert’ video game from 1992. Hugh Dane was the star.

Dane is in the credits as a lead.

While the video game role was his first foray into acting, his first television part was in the show “Hunter.” Dane worked long and often as his career spanned decades, his curriculum vitae was long and impressive. Dane played recurring roles on ‘Fresh Prince’ and he was Fred on ‘Roc,’ which was nominated for an Emmy.

4. Fans Far & Wide Are Sharing Tributes

The sad irony is that Dane died on May 16. He has been gone for weeks and it was under the radar. It wasn’t until Wilson posted his tweet of condolence and humble request that donations in Dane’s name go to the Los Angeles Inner City Cultural Center, that people took note.

Fans are also asking Netflix to reconsider removing ‘The Office’ from its lineup given Dane’s death.

5. The Los Angeles Inner City Cultural Center is Celebrating His Life

The Los Angeles Inner City Cultural Center is honoring Dane with a celebration of his life on June 9.

The Inner City Cultural Center was conceived in 1965, incorporated as the Inner City Cultural Center in 1966 and launched it first production season in 1967.

The Inner City Cultural Center (ICCC), rose out of the ashes of the 1965-Watts rebellion and was incorporated under this name in 1966. It was the nation’s first minority owned and operated multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-racial and multi-disciplinary visual and performing arts institution. ICCC was the first organization of its kind, which had as its core the philosophy to incorporate the concept of color-blind and non-traditional casting into its programs.

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