Each Wand Talked about in Harry Potter and Who It Belongs To

The wand chooses the wizard. Everybody who grew up on the Harry Potter sequence longed to listen to this quote from the one and solely Ollivander. We’ve all taken the Pottermore assessments and pestered Common Studios Parks & Resorts staff as to which wooden and core correspond to us.

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What you could not know is that there’s extra than simply 13 totally different wand woods. There’s no less than 38. However even with a wealth of wooden and core combos, solely a handful of wands in a personality’s possession are literally specified. However as an alternative of itemizing each character wand from the Noble Assortment, solely wands with a wooden, size, and core are included.

Now, right here is each wand talked about in Harry Potter and who it belongs to.

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23 Bellatrix Lestrange

Harry Potter Bellatrix Lestrange

With a legal file and cruelty that rivals that of Dolores Umbridge, Bellatrix might be most recognized to followers because the one who killed Sirius Black. And so they’re cousins. Dying Eaters have some tousled household relationships.

Bellatrix’s wand is without doubt one of the few Dying Eater wands we’ve got specs on.

For the movies, her wand was designed to appear to be a chicken’s claw. The replicas are very good to carry and embrace runes on them, very like Sirius Black’s.

22 Ron Weasley’s First Wand

Within the first two books of the sequence, Ron didn’t have the wand he finally purchased from Ollivander. He began out his first yr with a hand-me-down wand from his older brother, Charlie. That wand was product of ash, measured 12” in size, and had a unicorn hair core.

Although the core stays appropriate for Ron, Charlie’s wand by no means selected Ron. In reality, giving an ash wand to another person makes the wand lose energy, particularly with a unicorn hair core. Ron was rigged from the beginning. Fortunately, he does get a second wand after his second yr and doesn’t must depend on Spell-O tape.

21 Lord Voldemort (Tom Riddle)

As everyone knows, Lord Voldemort’s wand is a “brother” to Harry’s. It’s product of yew, 13 ½” in size, and has a phoenix feather core. Yew wands have fearsome reputations with regard to curses and dueling. Pretty. Why did Dumbledore let Tom keep so long as he did and let Hagrid take the autumn for the Chamber of Secrets and techniques? Actually?

However that’s not honest to the yew wooden. Customers might also be fiercely protecting of others and it appears to be cut up between heroes and villains. However nonetheless, there was a 50/50 shot, how did Dumbledore not see that coming?

20 Draco Malfoy

Draco all the time appears to get the quick finish of the stick (or wand) relating to his status. Within the books, he was second solely to Hermione Granger in educational excellence and undoubtedly will get extra moments of sympathy main as much as The Deathly Hallows. He faces battle between what his household desires him to be, who he desires to be, and who others see him to be.

His wand is hawthorn, 10” in size, with a unicorn hair core. Hawthorn is finest fitted to these going by way of a interval of turmoil and have confirmed themselves to be formidable witches or wizards. Feels like Draco.

19 Minerva McGonagall

Maggie Smith as McGonagall in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Professor I’ve All the time Wished to Use That Spell! wields a fir wand, 9 ½” in size with a dragon heartstring core. Minerva McGonagall is a legend in her personal proper. From Quidditch to Transfiguration, she’s a marvel to behold and all of us reward the bottom Maggie Smith walks on for such a beautiful portrayal.

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Fir wands have a penchant for Transfiguration and their homeowners are usually centered, strong-minded, and perhaps a bit of bit intimidating. Appears legit.

18 Gilderoy Lockhart

Kenneth Branagh as Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter

Gloriously portrayed by Kenneth Branagh, Gilderoy Lockhart might be essentially the most lovable blockhead of the sequence. There’s little doubt that he deserved his comeuppance through a backfired reminiscence attraction courtesy of Ron’s damaged wand, however you may’t assist however form of love the man.

Lockhart’s wand is cherry, 9” in size, with a dragon heartstring core. Curiously sufficient, cherry and dragon heartstring make for a really deadly mixture. Lockhart might have been nearly as good because the tales he informed, however he didn’t apply himself accurately. We misplaced a probably wonderful wizard.

17 Quirinus Quirrell

Identified most famously for the troll within the dungeon, however most likely essentially the most forgettable Protection In opposition to the Darkish Arts professor, is Quirinus Quirrell. Making a cope with the satan actually didn’t work in his favor and you’ll’t assist however really feel dangerous for the man.

Quirrell’s wand is alder, 9” in size, with a unicorn hair core. Although alder makes for unyielding wands (won’t ever swap loyalties between customers), it truly prefers these with meeker natures. Most who use alder are usually thoughtful and really likable. Makes you are feeling even worse for Quirrell.

16 Remus Lupin

Presumably often known as Everybody’s Favourite Protection In opposition to the Darkish Arts Professor, Remus Lupin wormed his manner into our hearts together with his caring nature and willingness handy out chocolate each 5 minutes. As one of many Marauders, he was a great buddy of the Potters and watched over Harry in addition to he might. He’s additionally a werewolf, however hey, spoilers for Prisoner of Azkaban.

His wand is cypress, 10 ¾” in size, with a unicorn hair core. As a few of you could know, Lupin died within the Battle of Hogwarts alongside his spouse, Nymphadora Tonks. In keeping with Ollivander, cypress wielders are courageous, daring, and self-sacrificing and can almost certainly die a heroic loss of life. It doesn’t actually soften the blow…

15 Garrick Ollivander

Finally, it’s the nice wand maker himself! Garrick Ollivander is constructed up as one thing of a legend. His retailer has a house in Diagon Alley, the primary magical location we’re transported to in each the books and flicks. The identify Ollivander alone holds a particular place in lots of followers’ hearts.

Ollivander’s wand is product of hornbeam, 12 ¾” in size, with a dragon heartstring core. He shares a wand wooden and core with Viktor Krum.

14 Neville Longbottom

Often known as the true MVP of Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom was undoubtedly puberty targets for anybody who grew up with the sequence. And he had a satisfying character arc, going from the meek little 11 yr previous everybody would step throughout to a snake-slaying BAMF.

His first wand truly belonged to his father. Although the make of it’s unknown, he by no means had the identical wrestle with it as Ron did with Charlie’s. However his second wand was cherry, 13” in size, with a unicorn hair core.

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Cherry is a uncommon wand wooden and a strong one at that. If anybody had any query about Neville’s ability and skill, they’ve now been answered. This child is superior.

13 Sybill Trelawney

Trelawney in Harry Potter

Well-known for divining the prophecy that began all of it, Sybill Trelawney is the Professor of Divination at Hogwarts. Her skills as a Seer have been handed down by her grandmother, although Sybill’s skills appear to be extra sporadic.

Her wand is hazel, 9 ½” in size, with a unicorn hair core. This mix of wooden and core makes the wand unyielding to the purpose the place if the wielded dies, the wand will “die” with them.

12 Peter Pettigrew

Peter Pettigrew in Prisoner of Azkaban

Now we’ve got the one true rat, Peter Pettigrew. A Marauder turned Dying Eater, Peter is most well-known for betraying the Potters and in the end might be blamed for his or her deaths. However then again, he can be blamed for Voldemort virtually dying and placing an finish to his reign of terror for a stable decade. Silver lining?

Peter’s wand is chestnut, 9 ¼” in size, with a dragon heartstring core. Fittingly, chestnut wands have a tendency to decide on wizards who’re keen on luxurious. Although Peter by no means confirmed that propensity, it’s price noting since his allegiance may very well be swayed in contrast to Sirius Black or Remus Lupin’s. Surprisingly, it is without doubt one of the few on this listing not offered by the Noble Assortment. However Yaxley’s wand is, and he’s not even on the listing. (Tom) Riddle me that one, Batman.

11 Lucius Malfoy

10/10 the best wand collectible to personal, Lucius Malfoy spares no expense relating to vogue. Or fashioning, since his wand makes up the top of his cane. Get it? Cool.

Lucius Malfoy’s wand is elm, 18” in size, and has a dragon heartstring core. There’s a rumor that solely pure-bloods can use elm wands, however clearly, that’s not true. They’re a safer wand although, ensuing within the fewest accidents and errors. Charms and spells produced from these wands are sometimes elegant. Feels like Lucius Malfoy: all sparkle, no substance.

10 Horace Slughorn

Let’s be actual: Slughorn was most likely one of the necessary characters regarding the Voldemort horcruxes. Although launched as a bit cowardly and self-serving, Slughorn does stick with his weapons in the long run and each aids in and survives the Battle of Hogwarts. See? Not all Slytherins prove evil!

Slughorn’s wand is cedar, 10 ¼” in size, with a dragon heartstring core. Cedar customers have the potential to be a worthy, intimidating adversary, although their natures wouldn’t recommend this. So good on you Slughorn, you funky little professor.

9 Dolores Umbridge

In all probability essentially the most loathed of all of the antagonists within the sequence, Dolores Umbridge provides even Regina George a run for her cash. A lover of cats, the colour pink, and ruthless tyrannical order, no one was shocked when she survived and thrived below Voldemort’s regime.

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Her wand is birchwood, 8” in size, with a dragon heartstring core. Although birchwood isn’t on the Pottermore listing, it’s an unique wand (not primarily based on a personality) at Common Parks & Resorts. The outline of renewal and a person’s power being bestowed upon others doesn’t match with Umbridge, however she will need to have some further power if she was in a position to tote round a horcrux for some time.

8 Cedric Diggory

Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter

Ah sure, the one well-known Hufflepuff till Unbelievable Beasts and The place to Discover Them entered the scene. Since all Triwizard Champions had their wands checked in the beginning of the competitors, we truly know all 4 wand specs.

Cedric had an ash wand, 12 ¼” in size, with a unicorn hair core. These with ash wands development to be cussed, however by no means conceited, becoming for a Hufflepuff. The duplicate of Cedric’s wand has a quite simple design with runes alongside the bottom.

7 Fleur Delacour

From the French wizarding college of Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, Fleur Delacour was chosen as the varsity’s Triwizard Champion. She later married Invoice Weasley and the marriage turns into a significant motion set piece within the last e-book.

Her wand is rosewood, 9 ½” in size, with a Veela hair core. The Veela hair truly comes from her grandmother, so take that as you’ll. Fleur’s wand is without doubt one of the few from the principle sequence (not Unbelievable Beasts) that has a special core sort than Ollivander’s most well-liked three.

6 Viktor Krum

Final of the Triwizard Champions, however not the least, is Durmstrang’s Viktor Krum. Krum’s wand is created from hornbeam wooden, measures 10 ¼” and has a dragon heartstring core. Hornbeam prefers these with a sole ardour in life, like Viktor Krum and Quidditch. It takes quite a bit to be a pupil and a world well-known Seeker.

He shares a wand wooden and core with Garrick Ollivander.

5 Seraphina Picquery

seraphina picquery macusa president fantastic beasts

The one one on the listing from Unbelievable Beasts is MACUSA President Seraphina Piicquery. Surprisingly, no different movie character has truly had their wand specs outlined.

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Picquery’s wand is swamp mayhaw, 13 ½” in size, with a Rougarou hair core. Violetta Beauvais of New Orleans is the maker of Picquery’s wand. The wand itself has a propensity for Darkish magic, although many heroic wielders have possessed one. The rougarou is a dog-headed monster of the Louisiana swamps.

4 Ron’s Second Wand

Ron Weasley with Wand

That is the wand depicted in The Noble Assortment as Ron Weasley’s wand. Manufactured from willow, 14” in size, and possessing a unicorn hair core, the wand was offered to Ron by Ollivander after the Spell-O tape yr with Charlie’s hand-me-down.

Becoming with Ron’s character, willow wands have a tendency to decide on these with insecurities and nice potential over cockiness. They’re additionally good for casting non-verbal spells, as we see the trio be taught and do later within the sequence. Within the films, Ron seems notably expert on this side of magic.

3 Hermione Granger

Emma Watsone as Hermoine Granger in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

One of the common wands bought within the historical past of ceaselessly, Hermione Granger’s wand consists of vine wooden, 10 ¾” in size, and has a dragon heartstring core. Vine chooses those that are likely to burn the candle at each ends and wish extra from life.

Coming from the Muggle world into the wizarding one, Hermione consistently pushes herself to be the most effective of the most effective. She achieved the very best grades of her yr and was an integral a part of the trio’s success.

2 Harry Potter

The Boy Who Lived. The Chosen One. The child who acquired thrust right into a world not of his personal making and had such duty heaped on his shoulders. It’s Harry Potter. His wand is holly, 11”, with a phoenix feather core. Holly wands are uncommon and select these meant for one thing past them.

The core drastically adjustments the holly wand and lo and behold, a phoenix feather core clashes with the character of the wooden. The weird mixture of each makes the person close to unstoppable. Don’t get too apprehensive, the wand itself is protecting in nature and helps these most in want of overcoming anger. Harry did that again in Order of the Phoenix, so we’re chill.

1 The Elder Wand

The Elder Wand stays essentially the most sought-after and simply recognizable wand amongst wizards and followers. It’s composed of elder wooden and a Thestral hair core. Elder itself is a uncommon wand wooden, encapsulating the energies of life and loss of life and meant for these with a “particular future.”

Ollivander by no means used Thestral hair as a core throughout the sequence, although Thestrals themselves have a wierd connection to loss of life and stay invisible to those that haven’t witnessed loss of life. It most likely influences the wand’s energy, on condition that Dying supposedly created it. No matter its true potential was or may very well be, Harry returning the Elder Wand to Dumbledore’s grave is for the higher.

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