Each Athenas Typhon Log Location in Borderlands 3


Borderlands 3 Athenas Typhon Log Locations

There are loads of methods to get loot in Borderlands 3, however one of many best is by discovering all of the Typhon Logs. Recordings made by the very first Vault Hunter, these logs are discovered on each planet and main location. Uncovering all three will unlock a particular chest that’s usually crammed with uncommon loot. This makes it a good way to acquire some quite highly effective weapons early on, particularly if you’re combating a selected chapter.

Right here is the situation of each Typhon Go browsing Athenas:

Typhon Log 1

You’ll find the primary Typhon Log within the courtyard exterior the place you’re launched to Maya. As soon as all of the enemies are cleared out, go the left and climb on prime of the roof of a two-story constructing. Go to the sting of the roof going through the cliff and look to your left. You’ll see the primary log station one ground above you on the roof of one other constructing. Simply dash bounce throughout to retrieve this log. Keep in mind to carry down the bounce button so that you mantle the sting and don’t plummet to the bottom!

Typhon Log 2

The second Typhon Log is situated within the graveyard that Maya’s apprentice takes you thru. On the very again of the graveyard there’s a massive church that overlooks the whole space. You’ll find the log station on a metallic field towards the left wall of the church. It’s fairly onerous to overlook, even should you aren’t on the lookout for them so there’s an opportunity you have already got this one.

Typhon Log 3

Athenas’ final Typhon Log is within the chamber the place you and Maya uncovering a chunk of the Vault Key. Within the water, you’ll see the station protruding on the left. It’s fairly onerous to see since a part of it’s submerged. Strategy this station to unlock the Typhon Stash in the course of the map.

Typhon’s chest is situated in a locked space simply after you cross the lengthy, slim bridge. While you make it to the opposite aspect, go into the massive courtyard crammed with enemies. To the left, you’ll see a crate that you could climb on prime of. Use this to hop the locked gate and attain the hidden stash of goodies.

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