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Carol Fowler

Carol Fowler, a local Kansas city council member, is accused of attacking law enforcement officers, including biting one officer’s thumb so hard she broke the bone, in a bizarre sequence of events.

Fowler, who is 48-years-old, is from Huron, Kansas. Her unusual mugshot, which you can see above, has been widely shared on social media in the wake of the incident, for which she faces a felony charge. The Atchison County Sheriff’s Department brought forth the case. The Kansas town has only 73 people in it.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Deputies Tried to Arrest Carol Fowler on a Warrant

carol fowler

Carol Fowler

The June 29, 2018 incident occurred when sheriff’s deputies in Kansas attempted to serve a warrant for failure to appear on Carol Fowler, according to ABC 15.

After stun guns were required to subdue her, Fowler was charged with “interference with, and battery on a law enforcement officer in addition to the warrant,” the television reports, adding that the law enforcement officers were not injured in that incident.

The Kansas City Star reported that Fowler was accused of kicking and scratching in the course of the arrest.

However, it wasn’t over.

2. Fowler Is Accused of Biting a Correctional Officer’s Thumb

carol s. fowler

Carol S. Fowler.

On July 2, 2018, Fowler is accused of going on the attack again when authorities tried to book her into the jail, according to Atchison Globe.

Jail officials “tried to remove her jewelry and personal items,” the newspaper reported, but Fowler is accused of fighting them.

“Fowler bit a corrections officer’s thumb and broke the bone,” the sheriff alleged to Atchison Globe, which added, “A deputy was also injured as a result of the incident.” The sheriff told MSC News that five officers were trying to subdue Fowler and were still having difficulty doing so.

Fowler was charged with two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, with one charge being a felony, MSC News reported.

3. Carol Fowler Is a City Council Member in a Small Town

The Atchison County, Kansas website confirms that Carol Fowler serves as one of five city council members in tiny Huron, Kansas. The website gives her address as being in Huron.

Online records also show she has ties to Lancaster, Kansas, and a LinkedIn page lists her as a homemaker. Huron, Kansas was an important trading point with ties to the railroad, according to a history of the town.

The phone number listed for Carol Fowler on the county website goes back to a lawn mowing service. But that’s the same number listed for the mayor on the website too.

4. Fowler Was Elected to the Position When She Earned Two Votes – Total

Huron is a small town. In fact, it’s so small that Carol Fowler only received two votes, and she still won the election to the City Council, according to Atchison Globe.

“Atchison Globe file reports indicate Fowler was elected to one of the five Huron City Council positions after she garnered two votes in the Nov. 7, 2017 election,” the newspaper reported. “Her term in office commenced in January.”

As of July 11, 2018, jail records indicated that Carol Sue Fowler remained in the custody of the Atchison County Sheriff’s Department.

5. Carol Fowler’s Party is Listed as ‘Unaffiliated’

Some people used the bizarre nature of the mugshot to make political points. Democrat? asked conservative actor James Woods on Twitter. However, a check with the Kansas elections website shows that Carol Fowler is listed as an “unaffiliated voter.” Ten elections are listed under her election voting history.

Fowler’s Facebook page appears to have been deleted, and Huron is so small that there is scant news on the City Council. The County website doesn’t list party affiliation. No federal campaign donations come up for Carol Fowler on the FEC website.

Carol Fowler is a Huron, Kansas city council member accused of attacking and biting a law enforcement officer. Her mugshot was shared on social media.

Carol Fowler is a Huron, Kansas city council member accused of attacking and biting a law enforcement officer. Her mugshot was shared on social media.

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