10 LGBTQ Marvel Heroes That Deserve Their Personal Film


There isn’t any scarcity of various heroes within the Marvel Comics Universe. From wall-crawling net slingers to Wakandan princes, Marvel has given a house to characters from all kinds of races and backgrounds. Amongst them are members of the LGBTQ neighborhood.

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Because the Marvel universe (and our personal) continues to champion various tales and characters, now could be the time to deal with these distinctive characters. In any other case obscure characters can (and will) have their time within the highlight if merely to inform their story. Listed here are 10 LGBTQ Marvel heroes that deserve their very own film!

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10 Korg

Made well-liked from his first cinematic look in Thor: Ragnarok, the lovable Korg (voiced by Taika Waititi within the movie) is canonically homosexual within the comics. An ally of the Hulk and fellow gladiator combatant on Sakaar, Korg proves to be a precious and succesful fighter. Who does he struggle for? His “beloved”, who’s revealed to be a fellow gladiator combating alongside them.

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Provided that Korg has already appeared within the MCU and the eye his character obtained, it isn’t unattainable to say he may someday get a spin-off movie. A stretch for positive, however not out of the playing cards. It will be an opportunity to showcase extra of Waititi’s legendary humor and wit, and can be a much less polarizing LGBT centric movie for a lot of MCU followers to get pleasure from.

9 Miss America (America Chavez)

Miss America Chavez Marvel Comic

A member of the Younger Avengers, America Chavez (alias “Miss America”) made headlines when she debuted as the primary lesbian Latina character to headline their very own comedian sequence in 2017. With superhuman energy, pace, flight, and dimensional portals, she is each a well-rounded character and an exemplary hero. She can be proudly out as a lesbian lady, and isn’t afraid of hiding who she is or who she loves.

Along with exhibiting one of many vibrant new faces of Marvel Comics, America Chavez would make for a superb movie topic. Being raised by LGBT mother and father who sacrificed themselves to avoid wasting their daughter from their collapsing dimension is pure storytelling gold. Her origin story stakes are extraordinarily excessive, and having her showcase a proud and out Latina girls would assist bolster the range of the MCU roster immensely.

8 Ice Man (Bobby Drake)

Jean Grey outs Bobby Drake

X-Males’s Bobby Drake has had a number of girlfriends over his storied comedian guide historical past. So followers have been shocked when a younger Jean Gray and a younger Bobby Drake displaced from time revealed that the character has been closeted homosexual his complete life. Whereas there was somewhat controversy in that Bobby was outed versus COMING out, the actual fact stays that the character has now developed to be an out and proud homosexual man.

Bobby Drake has been featured within the X-Males movies already. As we maintain getting nearer to the present X-Males roster, it offers extra alternatives for Bobby to showcase himself other than the group. Whereas it may nonetheless be an ensemble image, having an X-Males movie with Iceman as a extra outstanding determine would assist introduce him higher to audiences, particularly given the a number of dualities of him feeling he cannot “slot in” (being a mutant and in addition being closeted).

7 Wiccan & Hulkling (Billy Kaplan and Teddy Altman)

Hulkling and Wiccan of the Young Avengers kiss

As two of the founding members of the Younger Avengers staff, Billy and Teddy (aka Wiccan and Hulkling) shortly discover an intense chemistry with each other. With Billy’s reality-warping powers (much like the Scarlett Witch) and Teddy’s shape-shifting Skrull DNA, the 2 make a formidable staff. It isn’t lengthy earlier than the younger couple begins relationship, and even much less time earlier than the 2 are engaged.

What’s fantastic about Billy and Teddy’s relationship is that it’s one in all dedication. Dedication to one another, to their staff, and to being what the opposite individual wants. When Billy falls right into a months lengthy melancholy, it’s Teddy who’s there to drag him out of it. The 2 make a fantastic staff, and it is one that will make for a superb story within the MCU.

6 Northstar (Jean-Paul Beaubier)

Northstar and Kyle Jinadu's marriage ceremony

A fellow X-Males member alongside Bobby Drake, Jean-Paul Beaubier (aka Northstar) is a mutant with the facility of enhanced pace and flight. He’s thought of one of many quickest and hardest mutants within the Marvel Universe, probably rivaling Quicksilver. For years his character was alluded to being homosexual, together with his character lastly popping out in 1992’s Alpha Flight #106. He finally married boyfriend Kyle Jinadu, making comedian historical past as the primary ever depiction of a same-sex marriage ceremony in mainstream comics.

Not solely is Northstar one of many first brazenly LGBTQ characters in comedian historical past, however he comes with years of thrilling comedian historical past to attract from. Between his powers and his troubled backstory crammed with demise, terrorism, and excessive sports activities, he is obtained all of the makings of a blockbuster superhero. Including within the aspect story of him getting the man wouldn’t solely assist validate the characters lengthy LGBT legacy, however it might additionally make for a worthwhile story to look at.

5 Nico Minoru and Karolina Dean (The Runaways)

Marvel’s Runaways comedian sequence has grown immensely well-liked these days as a result of latest Hulu adaptation. The kids of supervillains uncover their mother and father’ evil intents and run away, discovering powers and skills alongside the best way. Amongst them are Karolina Dean and Nico Minoru. Whereas the 2 run in circles deciding how they really feel, finally the 2 get their act collectively and begin a relationship.

It’s unlikely that we are going to see actresses Lyrica Okano and Virginia Gardener play these characters in any dwell motion adaptation exterior of the present. Nonetheless, the couple has already introduced a breath of recent air to season 2 of the present and was the most effective components of season 1. Okano and Gardener showcase extraordinarily nicely how the chemistry between the characters would work on display screen, and the way nice a movie starring their characters can be.

4 Loki

Whereas Loki has historically been a villainous foil to Thor, latest comedian adjustments have him in a younger, heroic position as an alternative. The Norse trickster god remains to be immensely highly effective, and nonetheless carries acquainted points of his persona. One in every of these traits is his canonical bisexuality and gender sexuality. Loki has had relationships with female and male characters and has been snug presenting in female and male genders.

Tom Hiddleston’s MCU model of Loki is immensely well-liked. There was large demand over time for a stand-alone Loki movie exterior of the Thor franchise. Showcasing the totally different points of Loki’s character can be tantamount to the movies’ success; particularly, showcasing his sexuality and gender fluidity would assist to completely discover the character followers have grown to like over time.

3 Mystique

Mystique is extra villain than hero, however latest comedian sequence have had her play the hero position a bit greater than common. She is canonically bisexual and gender fluid, having had a number of companions over time. She is proven extraordinarily early on in her profession with a feminine associate, a mutant named Future. It was confirmed by former X-Males author Chris Claremont that she and Future have been purported to be the organic mother and father of Nightcrawler as nicely, however was shut all the way down to the coverage from the Comics Code Authority on the time.

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As a personality all the time supposed to be a part of the LGBTQ neighborhood, Mystique’s story is much more layered and various than it already was. Given Jennifer Lawerence’s recognition within the position within the latest X-Males franchise, it might be straightforward to have a stand-alone Mystique movie together with her starring in it. Whereas we’ve got solely seen Lawerence as Mystique in a heterosexual relationship, showcasing her in a same-sex relationship can be easy and plausible.

2 Spider-Lady (Jessica Drew)

Should the Venom Movie Feature Spider-Woman?

Within the Final universe, Peter Parker finally ends up with a feminine clone of himself named Jessica Drew. This clone shares all the identical powers and skills he does, making her an ideal crime-fighting hero. Amongst one of many many issues she shares with Peter is sexual desire; Jessica comes out as homosexual to her teammates in All-New Ultimates #4.

After the success of Into the Spider-Verse, there’s a big demand for distinctive and totally different Spider-Man tales. Seeing yet one more origin story for Peter Parker has been achieved so many instances already; seeing one for Jessica Drew can be breaking the mould solely. Provided that she is actually only a feminine Peter Parker, she would really feel acquainted to audiences whereas telling a novel story with a novel perspective.

1 Valkyrie

Whereas Thor could also be one of many hardest Avengers, even he is aware of that going toe-to-toe with Valkyrie is unhealthy information. The feminine Asgardian and Norse goddess is a robust warrior, educated in fight and deadly to her enemies. She can be confirmed bisexual, having entered a short romance with mortal scientist Annabelle Riggs.

After seeing Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok, followers instantly latched on to the truth that each actress Tessa Thompson and her character are bisexual girls. Fairly actually stealing the present on the finish, Valkyrie has but to make an look within the MCU since Ragnarok. Together with a stand-alone Loki movie, a stand-alone Valkyrie movie would show to be insanely well-liked and would give followers demanding extra of Thompson one thing to maintain coming again to within the MCU, particularly given {that a} scene confirming her bisexuality ended up on the reducing room flooring.

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