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    Movie Name :                Treasure Buddies   2012

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    Movie Categories :        Comedy, Family

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Treasure Buddies is a 2012 Disney direct-to-DVD family film, facilitated by Robert Vince and made by Anna McRoberts. It is the 6th segment in the Air Buddies foundation. The film opens with a pickpocketing monkey named Babi who tells his nephew how he met the Buddies. The Buddies’ great uncle, Digger was the assistant of a prehistorian, Thomas Howard, who recuperated one segment of a dial which would incite Queen Cleocatra’s tomb. He never found the other half and surrendered. The scene then changes to show Fernfield where Thomas is giving his grandson, Pete a voyage through the Egyptian show.The Buddies, Budderball, B-dawg, Buddha, Mudbud and Rosebud are in like manner at the show. Pete remains behind with his granddad who gives Pete’s pooch, Mudbud, Digger’s bandanna. A British prehistorian, Phillip Wellington nearby his cat Ubasti meets Thomas in his office and reveals to have the other bit of the dial, and requests conveying him and Pete inquisitive to perceive what happens, however decreases to pass on along Mudbud in light of particular hypersensitivities. Fortunately, Mudbud and substitute Buddies stowaway in Phillip’s DC-3 Douglas flying machine by method for a compartment of TNT.In the pinnacle, Phillip is revealed to be a kleptomaniacal grave criminal who challenges Thomas to a savage duel after Ubasti is swung to stone in the wake of wearing Cleocatra’s neck area, he escapes with it yet is gotten by the Nomads, appended to a camel and (per sales) is put under the guardianship of the British office. Thomas and Pete are declared national legends nearby the Buddies and the neck area is put on enduring introduction in the authentic focus in Fernfield.




Treasure Buddies Full Movie Free Download 720p