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    Movie Name :                The Dark Knight   2008

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. Christian Bale. rehashes the lead. a portion of Bruce. Wayne/Batman. with a returning give. of Michael Caine. a part. as Alfred Pennyworth. Gary Oldman. as James Gordon. furthermore, Morgan Freeman. as Lucius Fox. The film presents. the character of Harvey. Scratch Aaron Eckhart. Gotham’s as of late, picked District. Lawyer and the partner. of Bruce Wayne’s. youth buddy. Rachel Dawes Maggie Gyllenhaal. supplanting Katie. Holmes from the main film. who joins Batman. what’s more, the police. in battling the new. climbing risk. of a criminal virtuoso. calling himself “The Joker” Heath Ledger. Nolan’s influence. for the film was the. Joker’s comic book. show up. in 1940. the 1988 reasonable. novel The Killing. Joke. also, the 1996. course of action The. Long Halloween. which retold. Two-Face’s start. The moniker The Dark Knight. was at first associated. to Batman. in Batman #1 (1940). in a story created. by Bill Finger. The Dark Knight. was taped essentially. in Chicago. what’s more, also. in a couple of various ranges. in the United States. the United Kingdom. what’s more, Hong Kong. Nolan used. an IMAX Polaroid. to film a couple of progressions. counting the Joker’s first. appearance in the film. On January 22 2008. a couple of a great many. he had wrapped up. taping on The Dark Knight. also, six earlier. months the film’s release. Heath Ledger. kicked the pail. from an unsafe mixing. of specialist recommended. medicines. provoking excellent. thought from. the press and. movie. opening up to the world. Warner Bros. had at first made. a viral promoting. fight for The Dark Knight. making constrained time. destinations and trailers. highlighting screenshots. of Ledger as the Joker. however after Ledger’s death. the studio refocused. its exceptional battle.




The Dark Knight  Full Movie Free Download 1080p