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    Movie Name :                Sunshine   2007

    Movie Quality :              720p

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    Movie Categories :        Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi

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is a 2007 British science fiction thriller film composed by Danny Boyle. The film was balanced from a screenplay created by Alex Garland about the gathering of a rocket on a risky mission to the Sun. In 2057, the failure of the sun starts a sun arranged winter and undermines Earth. Humanity, attempting to reignite it, stacks a huge stellar bomb onto a spaceship named Icarus II. The watercraft is the second and last attempt to extra humankind, as the main mission, the Icarus I, was lost seven years as of now for no great reason.Subsequent to losing contact with Earth in light of the effects of nearing the sun, Icarus II Communications Officer Harvey finds the wretchedness reference purpose of Icarus I while passing Mercury. As the stellar bomb’s operation is totally speculative, physicist Capa recommends to Captain Kaneda they change course; taking after both bombs depleted the larger part of mankind’s fissile resources, a meeting with Icarus I would allow two attempts. Mace, the ship’s authority, confines this course of action. In masterminding the new course, pilot Trey fails to realign the shields that shield the watercraft from the sun controlled twist, conveying on damage to the shield. Kaneda and Capa leave on a spacewalk to make repairs while the pontoon is computed a long way from the sun. However a fire in the ship’s oxygen greenery walled in area made by reflected sunshine causes the watercraft to realign and confront the Sun, and Kaneda repentances himself to complete repairs. Trey blames himself for the loss of Kaneda and the oxygen porch nursery, and specialist Searle assesses him as a suicide peril and quiets him.




Sunshine Full Movie Free Download 720p