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    Movie Name :                Seeking Justice   2011

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    Movie Categories :        Action, Drama, Thriller

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Looking for Justice (generally called Justice, and once titled The Hungry Rabbit Jumps) is a 2011 puzzle thriller including Nicolas Cage, January Jones and Guy Pearce. n New Orleans, Will Gerard (Nicolas Cage) is an unobtrusive English instructor at Rampart High School. Will’s nearest partner Jimmy (Harold Perrineau) in like manner works at the school. Will’s significant other Laura (January Jones) is a craftsman who is in an adjacent group. One night, after an execution, Laura is beaten and barbarously ambushed by a pariah named Hodge (Alex Van).At the specialist’s office, while Will is sitting tight for news about Laura’s condition, Jimmy tells an annoyed Will that he’s certain that the assailant will be found. A more unusual who calls himself Simon (Guy Pearce) advises Will that he addresses an affiliation that game plans with criminals the value system has not. Simon delineates his get-together as “two or three subjects searching for equity.”He says Hodge has attacked different women some time as of late, and was paroled three weeks before his strike on Laura.Simon proposes an intriguing offer; as a byproduct of some assistance from Will to be settled later, Simon will organize to have a total more odd make Hodge pay for Laura’s ambush. This would additional Will and Laura a drawn-out trial, which would make Laura persist fundamentally more than she starting at now has by on and on compelling her to recall the ambush, and to be harmed by resistance legal advisors. Disturbed and anguish stricken, Will consents to the plan. Hodge is butchered, and a photograph of Hodge’s body, nearby a token that Hodge took from Laura in the midst of the strike, are sent to Will as confirmation. The affiliation’s code expression is: “The enthusiastic rabbit jumps.”




Seeking Justice 2011 720p Movie Download Free