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    Movie Name :                Point Break   1991

    Movie Quality :              720p

    Movie Size:                    908MB

    Movie Categories :        Action, Crime, Thriller

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is a 1991 American action wrongdoing thriller film facilitated by Kathryn Bigelow, including Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, Lori Petty and Gary Busey. Johnny Utah is a past Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback and beginner FBI Agent. He is selected to help experienced pros and veteran, Angelo Pappas, in looking into a string of bank robberies by the “Ex-Presidents”; a force of thieves that wear confront covers portraying past US presidents Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Jimmy Carter to veil their real characters.They simply strike the exchange drawers out the banks that they scour—never going for the vault—and are out within 90 seconds. Looking for after Pappas’ speculation that the guilty parties are surfers, Utah goes incognito to attack the surfing bunch. He concocts a story to impact stranded surfer Tyler Endicott to show him to surf, she having saved him from choking. Through her he meets Bodhi, the appealling pioneer of a pack of surfers including Roach, Grommet, and Nathaniel. The social affair are at first cautious about Utah, however recognize him when Bodhi recalls that him as the past school football star. As he supervisors the art of surfing, Utah gets himself logically pulled in to the surfers’ adrenaline-charged lifestyle, Bodhi’s techniques for understanding, and Tyler. Examining in order to take after a snippet of data recouped harms found in the hair of one of the bank bandits, Utah and Pappas lead a FBI assault on another gathering of surfers. Notwithstanding their criminal records, these surfers turn out to not be the Ex-Presidents and the strike unexpectedly ruins a DEA clandestine operation.




Point Break Full Movie Free Download 720p