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    Movie Name :                47 Ronin   2013

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    Movie Categories :        Action, Adventure

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is a 2013 American dream action film depicting an episodic record of the forty-seven Ronin, a bona fide social occasion of masterless samurai in eighteenth century Japan who struck back for the death of their lord, in the style of Chushingura.In late medieval Japan, Kai (Keanu Reeves) is a half-Japanese, half-English untouchable who lives in the Ako region, which is driven by the huge hearted Lord Asano Naganori. Right when Kai was young, Asano found him lost in the forested areas and recognized him into his family. Kai and Asano’s young lady, Mika, over the long haul turn out to be miserably captivated disregarding Kai being abhorred by her father’s samurai as a result of his lowborn status and mixed ancestry.Before an organized visit from Shogun Tokugawa Tsunayoshi,Asano is gone to by the Shogun’s emcee, Lord Kira, who needs to take Ako for himself. Kira selects the help of a shapeshifting Kitsune named Witch who sends a Kirin to execute Asano in the boondocks of Ako. Asano’s samurai fight in their battle with the mammoth so Kai participates in riding a surrendered steed. As the mammoth charges him, Kai recovers a lost sword that he uses to murder it. Directly starting there he spots a white fox with different shaded eyes seeing from the underbrush—Witch in her fox structure. Later in the midst of the Shogun’s visit, Kai sees that one of the Shogun’s special ladies has a similar two-shaded eyes which drives him to expect that she was the fox from the forest. He tries to alert Asano’s essential backer and samurai, Oishi, that she is a witch yet Oishi doesn’t trust.




47 Ronin Full Movie Free Download 720p